Our collection of information about ISRC’s CD text And CDDB’s

A Redbook PMCD can have the following information subcodes.

ISRC – International Standard Recording code

This is and ID code for each track (similar to a serial number)

In canada they can be applied for online at

More information on ISRC codes can be found here

UPC/EAN or Media catalog number 

Consists of a 12 digit barcode (UPC) or 13 digit EAN

CD Text

Can be entered for each track on the album as well as for the album as a whole.

This is NOT how most computers read the cd text info to generate song titles and album info, Computers search Online databases (CDDB’s) for this info, so in order for your track info to appear in computer media players you must register your final disc with these companies.

CDDB (CD data base)

For your CD info to appear in computer media  players you must submit your CD text information to one or all of the following.

Gracenote – generates for iTunes

How to sumbit to gracenote via itunes

more general info on Gracenote

AMG Lasso- generates for windows media player

Submission to AMG Lasso

FreeDb and Music Brainz (most other programs)

Links to and
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