People we think you should know (They’re awesome)

Fader Mountain Sound
- The amazing studio CPS mastering resides in, former little mountain sound building in Vancouver , BC.

Fader Master Studios
- Nerds, friends, inspiration.

The Farm Studios
- Little Mountain studio B, GGGarth Richardsons studio.

Leigh Righton Photography
- Amazing photographer, responsible for all the wonderful pictures on this site.

Paul Boechler
- Engineer, coffee afficianado, boccee opponent.

- Vancouver's historic mushroom studios, Hipposonic's SSL 4k mix room, so much outboard.
-Located right next door to Fader mountain sound, the historic Little Mountain Studio A, Now run by Garth Richardson, come say hi when you are in!

More CPS mastering

- @CPSmastering

- CPS Mastering

Other Links

- Our very own channel, a great way to get mixes to our ears!

Turn Me Up
- Bringing dynamics back to music
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